Our Services

Our team handles drywall repairs of all sorts including cracks, holes (big and small), standard wear & tear, mold & remediation.

We employ skilled electricians that provide troubleshooting, wiring, fixing of all fittings & fixtures, complete electrical installations and testing, and a wide range of other electrical tasks.

Maintenance Plus offers tenants and properties emergency repair services such as issues with running water, AC / heating problems, electrical mishaps, plumbing issues, etc.  Our clients are always our first priority during emergencies.  We aim to ease the stress of getting bids, coordinating and scheduling in tough situations.

We offer full-service property maintenance, repairs, and construction. Some of our services include painting, patching of walls, flooring services, replacing ceiling tiles, etc.

Our team has the necessary manpower and equipment for an easy move. We make sure to leave a clean space after the work is done.

We get rid of fallen leaves and light debris from common areas and sidewalks. Other elements are properly disposed of.

Maintenance Plus will pick-up and haul away any unwanted items, be it furniture left by a tenant after moving out, or accumulated trash after an estate sale. We ensure proper disposal and clean up.

Inspection and mold remediation should only be done by licensed contractors with certified technicians. We can help. We’re always in compliance with theEPA and OSHA.  Each building is different, but our overall process is one of testing, preparation, removal, and restoration is proven to work.

Dealing with flooding or a leaky plumbing problem?  We provide immediate, professional water removal to avoid further damage such as mold, crumbling drywall, delaminating paneling, warped and splitting wood. We are local leaders in flood damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage repairs, and so much more.

Facing the aftermath of a fire is always hard.  Smoke and soot left behind can be very dangerous.  Proper cleanup and smoke removal requires much more than household cleansers.  Call Maintenance Plus for expert fire odor and smoke removal immediately.

Use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

We have developed a two-level approach to COVID 19 Cleaning.


Establishing containment of the area, if needed, to prevent the potential spread of the concern to other areas.

Wiping down all horizontal and vertical surfaces with a CDC/ EPA registered disinfectant to a height of 8 -10’.

Steam cleaning all carpets and flooring. (optional per customer request)
Steam cleaning all upholstery. (optional per customer request)

LEVEL TWO (Level One protocol plus):

Use of HEPA Filtration and properly placed air scrubbers is recommended.
Use of misting/ fogging system with appropriate EPA approved solutions, designed to aggressively deactivate any cells that may be remaining anywhere on surfaces and in the air.

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